Brain Trauma: Concussions 2014

Brain Trauma: Concussions 2014

Trauma to the brain can happen as soon as birth, to sports injuries, or even from a combination of vaccines!

Skull bones move! They are pliable!

The human brain has over one hundred billion neurons, several hundred trillion synaptic connections, can process and exchange prodigious amounts of information over a distributed neural network in the matter of milliseconds.

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Have you ever:
"Had your bell rung"?
Been knocked unconscious?
Had a "stinger"?
Played contact sports?
Been in a car accident?

More than likely, you have had brain trauma.

But don't lose hope! According to the latest research, brain cells can actually regenerate!

Birth trauma can cause the bones of the skull to be permanently shifted, putting dangerous pressure on the brain.

The bones of the skull can shift up to 2 mm. Previously it was believed that they were fixed after the fontanels of the skull "fused". Recent research has now come out revealing that they still have mobility!

minimal brain damage can be reversed

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