Minor Head Injury and Concussion

Minor Head Injury and Concussion

Minor Head Injury

For any sports or activities, the head is one of the body parts that is being highly protected because it is one of the most crucial body parts of a human being. A damage to the head can cause either major or minor injury. Any person who just got his head banged or heavily blown by something might be placed into the state of unconsciousness. However, not all cases resulted in unconsciousness. In this section, we are going to focus more on minor head injury and concussion. The minor head injury is common and can happen to people of all ages. This injury rarely results in any permanent damage to the brain. A concussion is considered as damage to the brain which might be affecting brain functioning. It can be caused by a heavy or light blow to the head.


How common is a head injury?


Based on a statistics of head injury in England and Wales, they are around 700 000 of people attend A&E departments or also known as accident and emergency department. Out of this figure, more than 80% suffer minor injury only. If any of your family members, friends, you yourself or anyone that experience a knock, a bump or a blow to the head, the first thing to be done is to sit them down, comfort them and give them a rest. Besides that, try to hold and put a bag of ice, frozen peas wrapped in a towel or any cold compress to their head. This is to ensure that they can cool themselves as well as making them comfortable. Of all ages, children are more likely to sustain a minor head injury since they are more active and tend to do many dangerous actions out of curiosity.


Symptoms of Minor Head Injury and Brain Injury


Below are the symptoms of a minor head injury. These symptoms are usually last for a short period of time only. They are also mild and not fatal. The symptoms of head injury are:


  • Mild headache
  • Feeling sick or nausea
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Having troubled or blurred vision


The symptoms of brain injury after a head injury are:

  • Lost of consciousness
  • Fits or seizures
  • Difficulty and problems with senses
  • Vomiting
  • Bleeding or fluid flowing out from the ears or nose
  • Amnesia (loss of memory)


If the symptoms are getting worse, it is highly advised that you guys take the victim directly to the A&E department for further checkup. If you are having a transportation problem, you can always call the emergency line of 999 for an ambulance.


How to treat a minor head injury?


For most of the cases involving the minor head injury, the victims are allowed to return home right after the treatments and most of them will be fully recovered within days. You need to bear in mind and to always remember that in the duration of 24 hours after the injury, there must be at least a person to stay and keep company with the victim in order to keep an eye on the victim if any other new symptom develops. Other things that are important is to have enough rest so that there is no risk of getting the injury becoming worse and avoid any stressful situations as well as avoid any contact sports for the time being until the victim fully recovered.


That’s all for this time. Hope that there are a lot of things that you guys gained from this sharing about minor head injury and concussion. Do remember to check all the symptoms first and give a proper emergency care for the victims.



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